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Liu Navy’s Mayor and his party visited Hubei Xingxin’s research work.

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On November 26th, the deputy mayor of Ezhou City, Liu Haijun and his entourage visited our company and visited the company. Chairman Yuan Jianjun warmly received and gave a detailed introduction to the company's general situation and development vision.

Chairman Yuan Jianjun accompanied the Mayor of Liu Haijun, deputy mayor Jiang Guoxin, the main leaders of the Development Zone Management Committee and the relevant departments of the municipal government to visit the production workshop.

When visiting the wire mesh skeleton polyethylene composite pipe production workshop, Mayor Liu gave a high degree of recognition for the technical and practicality of the product. Hubei Xingxin's new PE steel-plastic composite pipe combines the advantages of plastic pipe and steel pipe, and at the same time solves the problem that the plastic pipe is resistant to corrosion, the pressure resistance of the steel pipe is not resistant to corrosion, the excellent product characteristics and high cost performance make the product sales Throughout the country. The picture below shows Yuan Jianjun, the chairman of the board, telling the Mayor of Liu about the market layout and future development plan of Hubei Xingxin water supply products.

Then, the mayor of Liu Navy came to the pipe production workshop and made a detailed understanding of the annual production volume, annual sales and leading technology of the product.

The mayor of Liu Navy picked up a steel-plastic composite electric hot-melt 90-degree elbow pipe fitting and asked how it was connected to the pipe site. Chairman Yuan personally demonstrated and gave a detailed explanation. Tianjian brand electric hot melt pipe fittings, self-contained resistance wire, socket electric heating, easy and quick installation, safe and reliable welding, effectively improve the safety factor of the whole pipeline.

When leaving the Hubei Xingxin, the mayor of Liu Navy gave a high degree of recognition to the company's technical innovation and quality excellence. He expressed his company's business philosophy of "quality is life, honesty is the soul, innovation is the source". Appreciate and encourage Hubei Xingxin to increase the pace of innovation, to lead the pipeline industry all the way, to be the leader in the plastic pipe industry. Chairman Yuan Jianjun expressed sincere gratitude to Mayor Liu for his affirmation and appreciation. He also said that not only should he increase scientific and technological innovation, but also accelerate the pace of the company's growth. He will soon make Hubei Xingxin a listed company and make a high-quality development for Ezhou economy. Actively contribute.

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