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HDPE double wall corrugated pipe

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HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe is a new type of lightweight pipe with high-density polyethylene as the main raw material, the inner and outer layers are simultaneously extruded and formed at one time. The inner wall is smooth and flat, the outer wall is trapezoidal corrugated, and there is a hollow wall between the inner and outer walls. The unique wall structure design makes the tube have the characteristics of large ring stiffness, light weight, high pressure resistance, good toughness and corrosion resistance. It can be laid on the road with poor geology, and it has good sealing and quick construction.


Anti-shock and anti-shock, good earthquake resistance, strong resistance to uneven foundation settlement;

Low friction and large flow;

Acid and alkali resistant, corrosion resistant, chemically stable;

Adaptable to environmental conditions, wide temperature range, especially suitable for laying in alpine regions;

Light weight, convenient for transportation, installation and maintenance;

Long life, buried laying life of more than 50 years;

Non-polluting, non-toxic, green and environmentally friendly products.

Pipe specification

Unit: mm

Nominal inner diameter DN/ID


Average inner diameter


Joint length


Physical and mechanical properties


Ring stiffness (kN/m2)

SN4≥4  SN8≥8  SN10≥10  SN12.5≥12.5

Impact performance (TIR) /%


Ring flexibility

The sample is smooth, no reverse bending, no cracking, no separation of the two walls

Oven experiment

No bubbles, no delamination, no cracking

Connection tightness

Not leaking

Product standards and technical regulations

Product standard: GB/T 19472-2004 "buried polyethylene (PE) structural wall pipe system Part 1: Polyethylene double wall corrugated pipe"

Technical Regulations: CJJ 143-2010 "Technical Regulations for Buried Plastic Pipeline Engineering"

CECS 164:2004 "Technical Regulations for Buried Polyethylene Drainage Pipeline Engineering"

Connection method: rubber ring sealing socket connection

Application range

Municipal engineering rainwater and sewage discharge.

Road rainwater pipe network, sewage pipe network in residential areas.

Industrial wastewater discharge.

Low-pressure transportation projects such as water conservancy and tap water.

Cable, wire sheath, chemical anti-corrosion container.

Mines, building ventilation systems, etc.

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