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New composite pipe "steel wire mesh skeleton plastic composite pipe"

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Steel mesh skeleton plastic composite pipe is also called steel mesh skeleton polyethylene composite pipe. It is a reinforcement structure of high-strength steel wire spirally formed with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) as the matrix and high-performance bonding resin. The layer tightly joins the wire mesh skeleton to the inner and outer layers of high density polyethylene. The bonding resin is a high-performance adhesive material, belonging to HDPE modified material, which can be completely melted under the heating condition of HDPE, and at the same time, its polar strength has strong bonding property with steel. Due to the use of the bonding resin, the problem of no connection factor between steel and polyethylene is successfully solved, and the composite effect is more excellent.

The following follows the steel mesh skeleton composite pipe manufacturers have been to understand the characteristics of the steel wire mesh skeleton plastic composite pipe:

1. It has higher strength, rigidity, impact resistance and double-sided anti-corrosion than the strength of the plastic tube. It has the same performance as the plastic tube and is resistant to corrosion.

2. The use temperature is increased. The thermal conductivity is low, no insulation is required for the outer wall in winter, and no condensation is used during the summer. The inner wall is smooth, non-fouling, and the head loss is 30% lower than that of the steel pipe.

3. The pipe connection adopts electric hot-melt connection and the technology is mature.

4. The pipe fittings are various in variety, light in weight, convenient in transportation and construction.

5. The overall reliability of the pipe is high, and under normal conditions, the service life can reach 50 years.

6. Low cost, hygienic and non-toxic, it is the best substitute for ductile iron pipe, steel pipe and galvanized pipe.

7. The electric hot-melt joint has strong axial tensile force. Through the gap, the electric hot-melt pipe fitting is actually integrated with the inner wall and the outer wall of the pipe, and is also integrated with the reinforcing skeleton.

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