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Secretary of the Ezhou Municipal Committee Li Bing came to visit our company

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On July 25, 2016, Li Bing, secretary of the Ezhou Municipal Party Committee, and Wu You'an, deputy mayor, took a trip to our company to visit the company to understand the actual situation of factory safety production in hot weather. Mr. Yuan, the chairman of our company, accompanied the secretary of Li Bing to visit the workshops. During the visit, the secretary gave cordial condolences to the workers who insisted on the production in the first line.

In the new product that our company put into production this year, the multi-reinforced steel-plastic composite pressure pipe workshop, Mr. Yuan introduced in detail the technical characteristics, application scope and market competitive advantage of the multi-reinforced steel-plastic composite pressure pipe. Li Bing’s secretary felt very much after listening. Interest, highly appraised the market application of the product. Li Bing gave affirmation and appreciation to the company's measures to ensure safe and continuous production in the heat.

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