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What are the requirements for buried gas pipelines?

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What are the requirements for buried gas pipelines? Polyethylene composite pipe manufacturers to introduce to you:

(1) When laying the gas pipeline in the plant area, it should be parallel to the building or road, and should be placed in the sidewalk or green belt. It should not pass through the accumulation of inflammable and explosive materials and corrosive materials. The buried pipeline should be located below the soil freezing line, and the depth of the pipe should not be less than 0.7m. Pipes shall not traverse buildings or structures underground, and shall not be laid under the tracks of trams. In order to ensure safety and convenient installation and maintenance of pipelines, gas pipelines are required to have a certain distance from various other pipelines and buildings. The minimum clearance should meet the relevant standards.

(2) Pipes should be considered whether to install drains according to specific conditions. If drains are installed, the discharged condensed water should be treated centrally.

(3) Underground pipeline drains, valves and turns shall be provided with obvious signs on the ground.

(4) The gas pipeline crossing the railway and the road shall be laid in the casing, and the two ends of the casing shall protrude from the side rail of the railway not less than 3m, and the side rail of the tram and the shoulder of the road shall be not less than 2m. .

(5) The underground pipe flange shall be located in the valve well.

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