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Inner rib reinforced polyethylene (PE) spiral bellows

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The inner rib reinforced polyethylene (PE) spiral corrugated pipe is the newly developed all-plastic reinforced winding pipe currently on the market. This pipe is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) and has high corrosion resistance. The outer surface area of the pipe is large, and the soil is formed into a common pressure with the soil. The inner rib structure ensures the ring stiffness requirement of the pipe. The pipe specification is DN200-1200mm, and the pipe length is 6m, 9m and 12m.


The corrugated structure of the pipe is reasonable, which is conducive to expanding the contact surface with the soil. The backfill filled in the trough of the pipeline and the pipeline itself together withstand the surrounding soil pressure, forming a joint effect of the pipe and the soil.

The upright inner rib in the middle of the pipe corrugation greatly improves the stability of the wave crest and enhances the pipe's disturbance pressure and impact resistance.

The width of the welded surface of the plastic strip is large and the effect is good, so that the tensile strength of the joint of the pipe is high.

The pipe connection adopts the socket rubber ring and the socket electric hot-melt connection to ensure zero leakage and the stainless steel clamp type connection is convenient and reliable.

Product specifications

Nominal diameter (DN/D)Minimum average inner diameter (Dim min)Minimum inner wall thickness (e5 min)Minimum structural height (eC min)


The pipe implementation standard is (GB/T 19472.2-2004) "Purified polyethylene (PE) structural wall pipe system part 2; polyethylene wound structure wall pipe" B type structural wall pipe standard, DB44/T 1098-2012 Inner rib reinforced polyethylene (PE) spiral corrugated pipe, (Q/ZXX 005-2014) "Internal rib reinforced polyethylene (PE) spiral corrugated pipe"; design, construction and acceptance according to (CECS164: 2004) Implementation of Technical Regulations for Ethylene Drainage Pipeline Engineering.

Connection method

Application range

Municipal works - used as drainage and sewage pipes.

Construction works - used as building rain pipes, underground drain pipes, sewage pipes, ventilation pipes, etc.

Industry - widely used in sewage, sewage, chemical, hospital, environmental protection and other industries.

Agriculture, garden projects - for farmland, fruit tea gardens, and forest belt drainage.

Road works - used as seepage and drainage pipes for railways and highways.

Mine - used as mine ventilation, air supply, drainage pipe.

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