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Energy saving and emission reduction promote the development of the plastics industry

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Since the development of the plastics industry, although it has made great contributions to people's lives, the pollution brought by it is also very worrying. At present, the annual consumption of plastic products in China has exceeded 60 million tons, which is the world's largest plastic consumption. The country accounts for one-fifth of the world's plastic consumption and 46kg per capita, which has exceeded the international average of 40kg. Therefore, to promote technological innovation and promote energy conservation and emission reduction, we can maintain a sustained, stable and healthy development of the plastics industry.

There are tens of thousands of existing plastic products factories in China. The scraps produced by these plastics factories during the production process are not used for sorting and cleaning, and are good raw materials for processing recycled particles. Establish business contacts with plastics factories, process the purchased scraps into pellets and then sell them back to the plastics factory, or charge a certain processing fee. In this way, it solves the recycling problem for the plastics factory, and it is an effective way for us to generate income. It is a win-win solution.

China's plastics processing industry's "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" clearly states: "We must thoroughly implement the scientific development concept, take market demand as the guide, adhere to the new industrialization road, effectively transform the development mode, accelerate the adjustment of industrial structure, and improve economic efficiency and growth. quality;".

At present, China's waste plastics recycling industry is gradually developing from low quality, low level, low output value, high energy consumption, small scale to high quality, low energy consumption, multi-variety, high technology, coarse and fine classification, high-end products and scale. The use of waste plastics to prepare wood-plastic composite materials, the use of waste plastics through blending and modification technology to prepare home appliances, auto parts and high-value, high-efficiency new technologies such as fuel oil produced by chemical cracking of waste plastics have made new breakthroughs.

If these discarded plastics are not properly treated and scientifically recycled, they will not only cause great waste of resources, but also cause environmental pollution, destroy ecological balance, affect human life, and hinder the sustainable development of the plastics industry. Therefore, while developing the plastics industry, we must pay attention to the recycling of waste plastics to save energy, purify the environment, and realize the continuous development of circular economy.

The above is the relevant content of the polyethylene composite pipe manufacturer to share with you today on "energy saving and emission reduction to promote the development of the plastics industry".

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