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“Green” pipe welcomes new development opportunities

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As China's traditional building materials industry is an industry with high energy consumption, high resource consumption and serious environmental pollution, in recent years, the concept of green building materials has become more popular. At the 3rd China Green Building Materials Development Forum held not long ago, experts such as Song Chunhua, chairman of the China Architecture Association, once again clearly pointed out that “green” as a concept has been “less consumption of resources, high performance quality, light environmental pollution, The long life cycle, multi-recycling and other content are closely linked. To develop green building materials, we must choose a resource-saving, environment-friendly, quality-effective, and technology-led development approach that combines the development of building materials with the protection of the environment. Plastic building materials also ushered in a greater development opportunity in this green building environment.

According to statistics, the plastics consumed by the construction industry all over the world are in the order of 10 million tons per year, ranking first in plastic applications. The rapid development of plastic building materials, in addition to the excellent performance of the products themselves, is also the substantial reduction of forest area, the enhancement of human protection of ecological environment awareness and the state's protection policies for forest resources, land resources and water resources. The facts show that the production and use of plastic building materials, including plastic doors and windows, plastic pipes, etc., is much lower than other building materials. Among them, PVC production energy consumption is only l/5 of steel and 1/8 of aluminum; PVC pipe is used for water supply 62%-75% energy saving than steel pipe, used for drainage 55%~68% energy saving than cast iron pipe; plastic doors and windows It can save 30%~50% of heating and air conditioning energy consumption. Therefore, in a country with a shortage of resources, the development of green plastic building materials has its specific economic and social significance. Followed by Hubei steel-plastic composite pipe manufacturers to understand:

Hubei steel-plastic composite pipe

In recent years, domestic plastic doors and windows and plastic pipes and other plastic building materials have shown a good momentum of development. Since the mid-1990s, the domestic plastic door and window industry has embarked on a rapid development path. Each year, nearly 100 million square meters of different types of plastic doors and windows are used in various types of buildings. According to the annual sales of new construction area and plastic doors and windows in the country, the proportion of plastic doors and windows in the new construction market in the country is about 35%. However, compared with plastic doors and windows in developed countries, there is still a certain gap in the requirements for building energy conservation in China.

According to some data, in terms of building energy consumption, the total energy consumption per unit of residential buildings in China is about three times that of developed countries, while the energy consumption of external windows is 1.5 to 2.2 times that of foreign countries, and the air permeability of doors and windows is 3 to 6 times. Since the insulation performance and air-tightness of doors and windows have a direct impact on heating energy consumption, for domestic plastic door and window industry enterprises, in the future, we must develop and adopt corresponding supporting products and technologies for the design requirements of building energy-saving in different climate regions; On the other hand, we must pay attention to the development of ventilation products, so as to keep the indoor air fresh, and minimize energy loss to achieve the goal of health and energy conservation.

In addition, speeding up the development of door and window intelligence technology is also critical. Intelligent technology can make the house realize the indoor environment according to the indoor and outdoor environment changes according to comfortable and healthy conditions, automatically or remotely adjust the temperature, humidity and air freshness of the house, and can make the domestic plastic window products reach the technical grade. And become a system that is more responsive to the needs of the market.

At the same time, it is also necessary to establish a recycling system for used plastic doors and windows. Foreign countries have already established professional factories for recycling old windows, waste recycling and disposal, but such enterprises are still blank in China. In areas where there is a large concentration of plastic windows produced and used, it will be necessary to establish recycling companies and an efficient recycling network.

While vigorously developing plastic doors and windows, more than 80% of the pipes used for building water supply and radiant heating - polyethylene, polypropylene, polybutylene and aluminum-plastic composite pipes, have also received attention.

Compared with other plastic pipes, these pipes are more suitable for indoor small-diameter water supply pipes, radiant heating and floor heating, and indoor low-pressure gas pipes. Among them, polyethylene pipes have been developed rapidly due to their excellent properties such as low temperature resistance and toughness. According to incomplete statistics, in 2001 alone, China's polyethylene pipe plant increased by 40, and in 2002 increased by about 50. Many of these manufacturers directly introduce advanced equipment from abroad. It can be said that the starting point of polyethylene pipe production in China is not low, and there is little difference with foreign products. However, the development of special materials for polyethylene pipes is still lagging behind, and the development of polyethylene pipe production cannot be kept up, which has become a "soft rib" that restricts its healthy development.

At present, there are few varieties and unstable quality, which is the main problem of domestic polyethylene pipe special materials. Due to the small amount of domestically produced special materials, the relevant manufacturers either use other domestic raw materials instead or use foreign raw materials, which leads to the decline of product quality and the long-term drive of foreign special materials. In the special materials for water supply and gas pipes, according to the standard practice, the materials must be graded before use. The grading work should be carried out on the basis of development, which usually takes about one and a half years. At present, the relevant polyethylene special materials developed in China have not completed this test in accordance with international standards. This actually means that most of the special materials for polyethylene pipes used in China in the past two years still need to be imported. Therefore, relevant manufacturers and research institutes urgently need to accelerate the pace of development of polyethylene pipes, so that "green pipelines" will enter more thousands of households.

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