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Steel wire mesh skeleton plastic (polyethylene) composite pipe new industry standard CJ/T189-2007 promulgated

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According to the Announcement No. 682 of the Ministry of Construction of the People's Republic of China: Since December 1, 2007, the old industry standard CJ/T189-2004 of "Steel Wire Mesh Plastic (Polyethylene) Composite Pipe and Fittings" has been abolished, and the new standard CJ/T189- The implementation began in 2007.

The following follows the wire mesh skeleton composite pipe manufacturers have been to understand what new content of the standard compared with the old standard:

1. The standard name is revised to: “Steel mesh skeleton plastic (polyethylene) composite pipe and fittings”;

2. The English abbreviation "PSP" is revised to "SRTP";

3. The pipe fittings are added in the standard, and are divided into three types of pipe fittings and wire mesh skeleton plastic (polyethylene) composite pipe.

4. For the original pressure-bearing grades: “common pipe” and “reinforced pipe”, the two series of composite pipes are revised to: “water supply, special fluid pipe” 7 pressure levels and “gas pipe” 5 pressure levels;

5, increased the nominal outer diameter of "dn50, dn63, dn75, dn90, dn225, dn355, dn450, dn560, dn630" pipe specifications.

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