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Warmly celebrate the successful selection of the Mayor Quality Award of Hubei Xingxin Technology Co., Ltd.

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On November 24-25, 2017, under the leadership of relevant leaders of Ezhou Quality Supervision Bureau, 7 experts from all walks of life in the province conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the implementation of Hubei Xingxin's high performance.

The experts entered the production line to inspect the specific situation of production process control and quality control, and communicated with the frontline employees to understand in depth and meticulously the maturity of Hubei Xingxin's high performance management.

Hubei Xingxin takes "developing domestic leading enterprises in plastic composite pipes and leading enterprises in international plastic composite pipes" as the development direction, and establishes the core values of "creating value for customers, creating benefits for shareholders, creating future for employees and creating prosperity for the society"; We always adhere to the enterprise spirit of “Hiking the world, taking the lead, pursuing excellence, dripping without leaking” and the business philosophy of “Quality is life, integrity is the soul, innovation is the source”, and internal and external publicity and radiation are carried out through leadership practice and two-way communication.

The company uses SWOT analysis and other methods for internal and external data information, and develops sub-strategies such as manpower and finance, and allocates necessary resources to ensure the implementation of the strategy. Market segmentation according to geographical needs, clarify the rights and obligations of dealers; determine the methods to understand customer needs, implement classified management; establish customer satisfaction, customer information feedback, customer service system to ensure customer satisfaction. Key performance indicators and their sources of data information, improvement categories and evaluation methods were identified.

Through this comprehensive evaluation and review, in order to promote the company's IPO transfer, it is a step forward to modern scientific management in a shorter, faster and more professional manner. With this review, Hubei Xingxin “catch short board”, “grasping countermeasures” and “grasping the ground” to improve management performance, take the road of “quality development, brand development”, innovation drive, special development and promote Hubei Xingxin product quality has improved. Hubei Xingxin Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the highest honor in the quality field of the city for the first time: the Mayor Quality Award and achieved great success.

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