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Classification of water pipes

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Water supply pipe, a kind of green, energy-saving, environmentally-friendly pipe, no rust, no scaling, no shrinkage, low fluid resistance, can effectively reduce water supply energy consumption, increase water supply point, is an ideal pipe network pipe .

Follow the wire mesh skeleton composite pipe manufacturers to understand the classification of water supply pipes:

The water supply pipe is divided into a metal pipe, a composite pipe and a plastic pipe. Metal pipes are mainly divided into copper pipes and stainless steel water pipes. The metal pipes are safe, hygienic and durable, and are the most ideal water pipes for home improvement tools.

The composite pipe typically represents an aluminum-plastic pipe, but it has been gradually eliminated due to its thermal expansion and contraction.

The most commonly used plastic pipe is the PPR water pipe, which is safe, non-toxic, easy to install, and low in price, making it the most commonly used water pipe for home decoration. However, due to environmental hormones and other problems, more and more people are starting to use metal pipes or ppr lining metal pipes as water supply pipes.

The performance indexes of water supply pipes are relatively strict, especially for use in drinking water. The pipelines need to be non-toxic and non-radiative, can not contain harmful substances such as heavy metals, have good corrosion resistance and long service life.

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