Hubei steel-plastic composite pipe

What are the advantages of steel skeleton polyethylene (PE) plastic composite pipe?

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The steel mesh skeleton polyethylene composite pipe adopts high-quality materials and advanced production technology to make it have higher pressure resistance. At the same time, the composite pipe has excellent flexibility and is suitable for long-distance buried water supply and gas pipeline systems. The pipe fittings used in the steel mesh skeleton polyethylene composite pipe are polyethylene electrofusion pipe fittings. When connecting, the inner plastic of the pipe and the inner plastic of the pipe are melted by the heating element inside the pipe, and the pipe and the pipe are reliably connected. And its unique structure also makes the following characteristics:

(1) Good creep resistance and high mechanical strength

(2) good temperature resistance

(3) Rigidity, good impact resistance, good dimensional stability, moderate flexibility, rigid and soft

(4) Small coefficient of thermal expansion

(5) no rapid cracking will occur

(6) Steel and plastic materials are uniform and reliable

(7) double-sided anti-corrosion

(8) Product structure performance adjustment is convenient and flexible

(9) Special electrofusion joints, various types, installation is very fast and reliable

The above is all the contents of the polyethylene composite pipe manufacturer for everyone, for reference only.

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