Hubei steel-plastic composite pipe

Steel mesh skeleton polyethylene composite pipe application range

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What are the main applications of steel mesh skeleton polyethylene composite pipe? Polyethylene composite pipe manufacturers will tell you the following:

Municipal engineering: urban water supply, hot network return water, gas, natural gas transmission pipeline.

Chemical Engineering: Process tubes and discharge pipes for transporting corrosive gases, liquids, solid powders in industries such as acid, alkali, salt manufacturing, petrochemical, chemical fertilizer, pharmaceutical, chemical, rubber and plastics industries.

Oilfield gas field: oily sewage, gas field sewage, oil and gas mixture, second and third oil production and transportation process pipe.

Thermoelectric engineering: process water, return water transportation, dust removal, waste residue and other transportation pipelines.

Metallurgical mine: Corrosive medium transportation and slurry and tailings process tubes in non-ferrous metal smelting.

Highway: buried drain pipe, cable duct

Marine engineering: seawater transportation, submarine pipelines and optical (electric) cable conduits.

Shipbuilding: ship sewage pipe, drainage pipe, ballast water pipe, ventilation pipe

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