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Rapid expansion of polyolefin (PO) large diameter pipes in the Middle East and Asia

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According to the Hubei steel-plastic composite pipe manufacturer, during the Western financial crisis, due to the low-cost labor or low-cost raw materials and mineral resources in the Middle East and Asia, the local government and enterprises were competitive, and all parties were extremely confident in the Middle East and Asia. investment.

At the same time, many of the larger water and wastewater projects have been ongoing, whether for desalination, sewage treatment or water recycling, with the aim of providing improved water and sanitation to a growing population. facility. All of these projects require large-diameter tubing, and many countries are also confident to break the tradition of choosing plastic tubing materials instead of steel, concrete or fiberglass. Even if the cost of piping for an industrial park is only about 10% to 15% of the total engineering cost, it is still very important to properly select the material of the pipeline because the consequences of pipeline failure are very serious.

For example, if the cold water pipeline used in the large petrochemical industry is damaged, it will cause the plant to stop production for several weeks, and the company's direct economic losses amount to millions of dollars.

Experience has shown that problems such as corrosion, wear and structural damage that occur in conventional pipes are rarely seen or absent in plastic pipes, which is a good catalyst for designers to change their specifications. Nowadays, polyolefin pipes have been successfully 50 years old. With the continuous innovation of raw materials, manufacturing equipment and processes, it means that the PE pressure pipes produced can reach a diameter of 2500mm, and the PE and PP pressureless pipes can reach 4000mm, and Gain the trust of design consultants.

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